Terms and Conditions

Payment and other terms of teaching



Teaching is normally done in my classroom at Košťálkova 1103/2, Prague 8. However, the consultation can take place in a nearby café, restaurant, or another neutral place in Prague 8, if I consider it appropriate. If the lesson takes place at your place, the price will be determined completely individually.

Duration of the consultation

With the student we will talk in advance on the date, time and duration of the consultation. Minimum length of tutoring is 45 min. If there is a time space, the tutorial can take longer (e.g. 90 min.), always after 45 min. blocks with 15 minutes break between the individual blocks. The proven one lesson is 45 minutes for primary and secondary school students, 90 min. for university students. I do not recommend consultation over 90 minutes. It is too much and I only provide them after agreement. It is better to come, for example, twice a week than to have one long tutoring.

I do 15-minute breaks among students. Breaks are reserved for student relocations, payment, appointment terms and short breaks. If you arrive in time, you will really make full use of the paid time purely for the lessons. You can ring me about 5 minutes before the scheduled start of the lesson, I will come down to the bells for you.

I recommend to attend the lessons regularly at least once a week, but you can also go on a one-time basis as needed. During regular lessons you have a pre-booked term, but it is also more binding for you. If you are not sure whether you will be able to walk really regularly and reliably, rather choose a one-time appointment of terms as needed. For regular lessons I expect really regular attendance as well as swift appointments. For regular lessons, I consider booked bilaterally agreed and pre-paid dates binding. Usually we agree and confirm with the parents the next four tutoring dates, or dates for four weeks in advance, and these are then paid cashless in a set. I keep the remaining periodic lessons scheduled for the student as long as the agreement is convenient for both parties. The advance booking of unpaid dates can be canceled at any time, both by the student and by me. So, for example, if there is a problem and the student does not go to regular pre-booked classes too much, or there is a problem with reconciliation or timely payment of terms, then I usually release the regular term of the student and make it available to other students. Conversely, if a student decides to quit regular lessons, this is also not a problem with pre-booked dates, just tell me in time. When both deadlines and payments are arranged smoothly, a regular term is usually stable throughout the school year and usually does not change the student's prices during the school year.

Method of payment

Teaching is paid in cash directly at an hour or by transfer to an account (for example, for a subscription). Currently, I predominate from more than 90% of the non-cash form of payment of teaching directly from parents in sets of four lessons. The subscription may also be paid in cash at the hour (eg for another hour or more hours). I give a document of teaching. Parents can check that their son or daughter was really at the tutoring. Terms of cancellation are different in the case of prepaid education and in the case of unpaid teaching (see below).

Prepaid lesson at least 24 hours before the lesson - paid in cash or on account

Pre-paid lessons are significantly cheaper. You can subscribe to one or more lessons. Teaching is paid in advance in cash or in the account (I will say when booking a lesson). Teaching should be paid at least 24 hours before the scheduled start of the course (in the case of payment to the account, the money should be credited to my account). I also use the subscription when teaching through Skype. The most frequent subscription is non-cash, but can also be paid directly on the hour next hour or hour.

Subscriptions include specific dates and times that are binding, and if the student fails to meet the deadline, the term is refunded without refund. A subscription acts as a course, even if only one lesson is needed. I do not distinguish whether the reason is illness or there is any other reasons. If a subscription is paid for at least four terms (within one document), one term out of four terms (of the terms on one document, ie 25% of the tuition) can be transferred or canceled by the student prior to the beginning of the course. The substitute term should be correctly held outside the dates for the scheduled periodic tuition. Possible price differences are paid (eg for evening classes). If you can not come, please let me know. If multiple terms were canceled, they would be lost without compensation. I do not allow moving lessons to subscriptions above the 1/2 tolerance - I consider them to cancel the agreed term and order a new term. Please let me know as soon as possible if you can not come. Upon your agreement, a substitute may come to your paid appointment.

Otherwise, I do not mind when we arrange about moving to an earlier term - I will not consider it to be a cancellation. However, I do not guarantee that we will find a common earlier term. If I could not meet the term I did, the lesson will take place as soon as possible, or I can return the money for the canceled term. You will receive a receipt on your subscription.

Unpaid lesson - Teaching is paid in cash at the hour immediately after the lesson


This form is more expensive for students. The tuition is paid immediately at the hour. In this form of teaching I appeal to the observance of the agreed terms. If tutoring should work, there must be mutual adherence of terms.

I do not consider transferring teaching to an earlier term as canceling the lesson, so you can manipulate the terms with the dates you have given to an earlier date. The agreed lesson can be canceled prior to the beginning of the lesson, by means of a telephone call, SMS, or a timely and confirmed email. If a student does not arrive and does not apologize me in advance, this lesson will be charged for the next lesson as done. I and the student can cancel the agreed lesson.

If you can not come, please let me know as soon as possible. Apologize for attendance on the day of teaching is very late, I do not fill the term anymore. If canceled, it is advisable to arrange a substitute date. If many appointments are canceled very often (eg more than 1/3 of the agreed hours), the cooperation will be terminated or a subscription will be required. I do not have a strict border, I deal with these matters individually by agreement. I appreciate the dependable students and I prefer them.