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Jitka Vachtová, DiS. & DiS.
Košťálkova 1103/2
182 00 Prague 8 – Kobylisy
the Czech Republic
Company ID: 67753442
Tax ID: CZ7557191411
Entry: A natural person registered in the Trade Register Office of the Prague 8 District Office (Zivnostensky rejstrik Uradu mestske casti Praha 8)
Phone: +420 603 142 109 (I have an unlimited lump in the Czech Republic if you want, I can call you back)
E-mail: jitka (at)
Messenger: jitka.vachtova
Facebook: jitka.vachtova
Skype: jitka.vachtova

I am not VAT registered subject.

If you contact me by e-mail, please send me your firstname and surname as well as telephone contact. Thank you.

Transport connection

The best way to get to me is by foot from the metro C Kobylisy (exit to Kobyliské náměstí) and further to Horňátecká street towards the Sokolníky albert in Trousilova street (beware, not the one in the subway). Košťálkova street is badly labeled. It's a high-rise block of flats at a small crossroads of five streets. Rather, go to the Albert and imagine you want to come in there. Then you go in the same direction and the second high ocher block of flats with a lot of antennas on the roof is Košťálkova 1103/2. It is a block of flats facing the settlement to the west (to Bohnice). The complete route is shown on the map.

If you want to go to Albert by bus, you need to get off C Kobylisy Metro on the other side (exit to the cadastral office) and from there take buses. You will go to Sídliště Kobylisy by line 145, 162, 169. The exit stop is in front of the Sokolníky alter. Personally, I walk from the metro on foot, it's a pleasant walk and it's faster than waiting for the bus and one bus stop to go by bus. The Kobylisy C underground stops is just 7 minutes by the foot if you already know the way.

If you drive by car, there are blue zones in Prague 8. Outside the blue zones, you can usually park in a parking Šutka aquacentre, it is about 15 minutes walk to me.

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